DB Lokster

Illustrations and layout for several competitive formats of the DB online magazine Lokster for KircherBurkhardt GmbH (Office Berlin)

For the web portal “Lokster” of Deutsche Bahn I did illustrational work for a few years to add a catchy personal style to the website, pleasing it’s young users, and give it an empathic touch to trigger formats that users should interact with. I made all the illustrations with pen and paper, then digitalized, combined, colored and sometimes animated them in photoshop and illustrator. At that time, this little job was the love of my creative life! And that’s why I wanna show you some of these little works here. 🙂

© F.Manthey

Illustrations in use on the DB Corporate Website and on DB Lokster

Some Examples

Christmas Calendar

© F.Manthey



Several teasing elements for competition formats



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