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(Of course you can also print it out!)

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Digital design so useful, you'll want to cuddle your

with enthusiasm.

(Of course, we can also get to know each other a little better first!)

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About “floreio” & why you are here

Hey there,

thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Friederike and my website floreio is a little show case of my work. I am a Berlin based creative for digital media and this is what I have to offer on a professional working level:

UX Design at it’s finest

… analysis, evaluation, strategy, prototyping, specification …

You want your brand to be seen
the way you see it?

I’ll show you how your digital product appeals to your target groups and they can’t stop using it.

Your site doesn’t lead to conversions?

I’ll tell you why and give you detailed advice and recommendations to change that to the opposite.

And don’t worry, you do not have to manage me.
I deliver on time and to your satisfaction.

Illustration by heart

I started drawing and painting before I could even speak a clear sentence. Since it is my passion, you always do me a big favor when you book me for an illustration job. 😉

Sooo… say hello!  🙂

I would like to offer both of my professions at your pleasure. If you like what you see, and you consider me to be working for you or just want to get to know me and my qualities a bit better, please feel free to drop me a line.

I am looking forward hearing from you.

Little geek fact on the side

… in case you wondered, why I named my site floreio:
Floreio [floˈreju] is portuguese and means flourish but also a clever turn of phrase and – in context of Capoeira – it is the term describing these light-footed, decorative, acrobatic moves between the kicking actions. All these characteristics seemed perfectly describe the aiming of my different working professions.

Although UX and illustration are totally different fields of expertise, they have a very flowery expression in common, which is this:

Have a fucking
& make it
simply beautiful.”


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